December’s Free Advice Friday

I hope y’all had a lovely Thanksgiving and survived the Black Friday and Cyber Monday without getting maced, tazed, occupied or bankrupted. If you did get any of those things, or better yet, want some advice about solar stuff, then we’ve got a great lineup of advice givers for you this month!  This month’s lineup includes:

  • Tom Kohler: Savannah native, knower of everyone, maven, connector and accomplisher of things large and small. Oh no, Tom can’t make it!  So, in his place, we’ve wrangled star of the Savannah tech scene, Chad Warner, from Blue Lime Studio.  He knows a lot about BBQ, downtown Savannah and lots of other things that he’s keeping a secret.  You’ll just have to ask him and see what he comes up with.
  • Shabnam Gideon: Manager of projects, rider of bicycles, aware being, preparer and eater of vegetables.
  • Kevin Lawver: Doer of stuff, maker of web things, manager of products, causer of trouble, newly minted CEO at Music Intelligence Solutions.
  • And our extra special advice giver this month, Lester Wiggins: solar panel technologist from Savannah Tech.  He’s an expert in wind power, solar thermal, electrical construction, inspections and an unknown quantity of other subjects!  You should come see if you can stump him!

There you go.  We hope to see you this Friday, 12/2 from 12-2 (oooh, look at how that worked out) at the Creative Coast office at 15 W York St!!